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Finding Your Wedding Photographer

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

You have to be picky about your wedding photographers and videographers! Finding your wedding photographer can prove to be one of your most challenging tasks on your wedding "To-Do" list. There are 4 major things to look for before settling your deal!

Book the Venue first. Before you book your photographer or videographer, you'll want to have a venue already picked out so your quotes are as accurate as possible with no surprise fees! Most wedding photographers have travel fees that are added in their quotes depending on how far the venue is from them, you won't want to find out after booking them that their is an extra $150 you'll have to pay because the venue is 4 hours away from them. In addition, you want to verify you venue allows outside vendors, some locations charge an extra fee to use vendors outside of their lists.

The next thing you'll want to look at is their photography style, their editing style, and how many wedding's are visible in their online gallery. It is important to be certain that you LOVE their work, because after all, your photos will look like them in the end. You'll also want to have a general idea of their experience level, how many wedding photos/engagement photos do you see on their Instagram, Facebook, or website? If you only see about one to three couples that could serve as red flag that the vendor may not be experienced in the field or may specialize in another form of photography.

Another important thing is Communication. I'm sure you have heard of the horror stories from people who book their vendor and never hear back from them! When you're undergoing your search for ANY wedding vendor, please make sure they are attentive during the research period. If you realize they are taking 5 days to a week to respond to your emails or texts, you may want to redirect your search (granted you may have one or two isolated occurrences but be mindful of how frequent it happens.) You'll essentially want to interview the photographers as well. Ask if the photographer has shot at your venue and if so, request to see those photos, find out who exactly will shoot on your wedding day. Some bigger companies employ several photographers, so be sure to request to see the work of the photographer (or photographers) who will be handling your wedding.

Most importantly read the contract!! Make sure every detail you discussed about what you'll be receiving is included in your contract and invoice. You'll want to be sure that when you get your photos there are no surprises for you and your spouse and during your wedding day you are best prepared for what to expect. A contract can seem long and tedious but its the only way to legally secure you and your partner in case of any hiccups. If the wedding photographer you're using does not have a contract you'll want to be sure you ask for one or search for photographer that does provide one.

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