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Finding the Perfect Photo Spot!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Finding the right spot for a photoshoot is an essential part of taking great pictures. The big question is: How do I do that?

So, you have the right equipment, the proper skills, and a client who is completely open to your suggestion. Now, you're probably asking yourself, "Where are all the good places to take pictures near me?" Orlando Photography is a very competitive business and may be difficult to navigate for a starting photographer. Thankfully, we have modern tools to help answer that. Here are just a few ways you can find the best spot for your clients: Social media, for starters, is a popular way to seek out trendy locations and professional advice. Instagram allows users to attach a location to a post. So, if you see a photo taken in a perfect setting, check if the location is attached by the username. You might have just found your new favorite spot. Another thing the app is useful for is hashtags. Though not as obvious as a tagged location, the name of the area may be hidden somewhere within the caption or comments. The easiest way to find something in a specific location is to search up specific hashtags/locations. For example, if I'm looking for locations in Orlando, I would search #OrlandoPhotographer or #WinterParkFL under the "Tags" or "Places" tab. While it may seem tedious, it may prove to be worth the effort of checking to find the perfect scenery.

Facebook can be just as useful in finding photo spots. If you have a Facebook and haven't joined a photography group yet⁠⁠, you should. It's a good way to branch out and get advice from other professionals of the same field⁠ and/or locals who've known the area for years and may know some hidden gems⁠. Their advice may include the best areas, times, and tools to set up a shoot. Another tool that is easily accessible (and a personal favorite) is a user-friendly app by the name of AllTrails. Even though this is a hiker's app that provides information on different nature trails, it can be used as a location scouting tool for photographers everywhere. This can be useful to anyone who's looking to set up a shoot with an outdoors theme. With a quick search of the desired location, AllTrails will provide a list of hiking trails in that area. By tapping on one, you'll find more information like the difficulty of the trail, a map, and even what other people rated and had to say about it. Commenters can also attach images of the trail, giving you a look into the scenery. Best part about all this? It's free. Though you can pay for a Pro membership, it isn't necessary for what you'll be using this for. When all else fails, Google can provide support. A quick search of "photo spots near me" or a simple browsing of nearby parks and beaches may still be useful. Whether you find classic everyday scenery or a stunning hidden gem, using the resources the world has provided you makes finding the perfect photo spot that much easier.

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